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The National High School STEP-UP Summer Research Symposium is held every August at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. STEP-UP interns from across the Pacific as well as the U.S. mainland are given the opportunity to meet one another and share their summer research experiences. All costs relating to travel (airfare), lodging, transportation and meals during the STEP-UP symposium are covered. The symposium usually spans a 4-day period (not including travel time to and from Washington, DC). You can find a general schedule for the symposium below. Interns present their summer research projects in both oral and poster format, attend various seminars and career development workshops as well as visit the famous national monuments and museums. It is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with like-minded individuals and industry professionals.



Day 1 Arrival in Washington, D.C., hotel check-in, welcome dinner
Day 2 Student presentations, career development workshops/seminars, evening activity
Day 3 Student presentations, poster session, career development workshops/seminars, banquet and dance
Day 4 Tour of Washington, D.C. monuments and Smithsonian museums
Day 5 Travel home




On the first two days, students take turns presenting their summer research project findings
to their fellow STEP-UP peers as well as to a panel of research professionals.



All STEP-UP interns who are seniors in high school create posters that outline their summer research project and share it with STEP-UP peers and research professionals. This more intimate setting allows for more in-depth conversations and Q&A that may not be possible during the formal presentations.



A variety of workshops and seminars are offered which cover topics such as career development and student success.



The national research symposium culminates into a final celebration highlighting
the accomplishments of each STEP-UP intern and their participation in the program.


Tour of DC

STEP-UP interns are rewarded with a day of sightseeing throughout the Smithsonian Institution.

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